Friday, September 30, 2016

Highlights from 2016 {July, August & September}

The Boys

The Girls

Caeden-11, Colm-9, Alannah-7, Tadhg-5 1/2, Ailish-4 1/2, Torin- 3 1/2

Matching brothers

Matching sisters

Pretty A

I love a parade!

At the beach

View from beach

Sunset from around town

Tadhg and mama
The beach life..... it's rough ;-)

Happy 6th birthday Tadhg - it's a #6 with trucks racing on it

Coming home from the lake with loads of traffic...... ;-) seriously, this was a busy traffic day!

Fun at an indoor pool..... play place for the little ones and big slide too!

the 6 yr old Tadhg Conor

After swimming one day

Priest Lake, ID

At the Lake

Playing in the sand

Getting ready for school

Rainbow across street from our house

Happy 5th Birthday Ailish - it was a heart cake with lots of glittery sprinkles ;-)

Just a random group picture

the boys after getting haircuts

Fall pictures

A Sunday afternoon hike

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Highlights from 2016 {April, May & June}

Granny and the kids - love Torin looking up at her ;-)

Blossoms on our tree
At a Civil War reenactment - fun trip to close out our school year!

A view of the Pend Oreille River

the kids and Granny

Fishing at Moose Lake

At Lake Pend Oreille with Granny

Priest Lake - it was still early in the year to be in the water but the kids enjoyed getting close and playing at the edge!

Boys ready for a hike

Happy 11th Birthday to Caeden
Another view north of town

Tadhg fishing

Uncle Trevor and the kids

Gramps and Grammie and the kids (June 2016)

the girls love coloring ;-)

at the park

Alannah and Torin taking selfies

A rare moment of stillness while he reads

at the Mudhole

at the Docks